Rick was an educated unemployed youth. He was the only son of his mother. His father died two months ago.

(His father worked in a government organisation. His department cheated on him. Being not able to recover, he died out of shock).

Rick on the other hand was trying hard to find a job for him. He gave interviews in several companies. But he did not succeed even in one.

Everytime he lost the job in anger he used to tell God,”Take me to yourself”. But he never left trying as he hoped that one day he will surely get a job.


After a few weeks,,,,,,

While he was returning from another interview,
he bleeded badly and had to be admitted in hospital. The doctor came and informed those who carried him that he is in the last stage of blood cancer and he has only two hours left with him and they should inform his mother.

By the time his mother reached the hospital he was already dead. One of the nurse handed her a letter written by his son.

It read,
“Mom don’t blame anyone for my death. No one is responsible for this. Everytime I was rejected I told God to take me to himself and that’s what he did. I knew that when you’ll reach I’ll already be dead. Please don’t be sad”.

As soon as his mother completed reading, her phone rang,,,,,,

From the other side of the phone a deep voice remarked,
“Well ma’am, I am from the Jack’s. I tried your son’s number quite a number of time but he’s not picking it up. Could you please inform him that he is selected for this job and he need to join the work from next week?…..!!!!!”


ยฉ Poems and Short Story

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