Research work#2

While I was scrolling down the news feed in Facebook, I got this interesting fact.

Indonesia is the only country in the world which has no old age home.


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14 thoughts on “Research work#2

  1. Nice to meet you too.

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  2. You are right sir, but in the place where I have grownup, the situations and moments of betrayal, insults will never let me do so.

    Even if I want.

    Not even my own relatives.

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  3. Right! I know where youโ€™re coming from.

    But donโ€™t let the past haunt your life!

    There is no real past.
    There is no real future.
    There is only โ€˜The Now!โ€™

    What you think, do and feel now.

    Even Albert Einstein had a problem with the Now. It worried him seriously,” Carnap wrote. “He explained that the experience of the Now means something special for man, something essentially different from the past and the future, but that this important difference does not and cannot occur within physics. That this experience cannot be grasped by science seemed to him a matter of painful but inevitable resignation.” He suspected, Carnap continued, “that there is something essential about the Now which is just outside of the realm of science.”

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