Diary entry dated 10/02/2016

After all that happened,

I have decided

That I’ll have a new start.

Where I’ll be happy and not sad,

Where I’ll be lucky and not unlucky,

Where I’ll be fortunate,

Where I’ll not have any cause of sorrowfulness,

Where I can dream.

I have made certain promises too,

One of them is to not love anyone except my own self,

The second is to be truthful,

The third is to respect elders those who deserves,

To be confident and courageous,

Believe yourself,

Not to belief in the God.

It’s also important that I keep my promises,

I want to progress,

I will be the director to show that success comes after failures which should not be minded,

I will show that success runs after people if they have that power,

I will teach them to be self-dependent,

I will teach them that with our death our achievements do not die.

I will teach them to show that with our death we are regrown in people’s heart and mind.

I will teach them that our life must be an example for the fellow human beings.


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