Midnight Adventure

Actually a friend posted his daily article and gave the topic Midnight adventure to write on as a challenge. I did write on it from my own experience using different names and location. Hope you like it…

Going out of the house at 2 o’ clock in the night is like an adventure, midnight adventure. It’s that time when everyone’s is sleeping, lonely street and there you are among the barking street dogs.

After the exams were over, four friends Raj, Rajiv, Sanghin, Ahisha went to a picnic. Instead of going out in the morning with that hot, scorching sun overhead we went out at 2 o’clock.

They went there by Ahisha’s brother’s car. The whole way they were like shouting, singing and yelling. They reached there by 3 o’ clock. The loneliness of the place made them fall in love with it.

Getting a suitable place, they sat there and had a campfire, talked among themselves, played truth and dare and then just laid on the grass to watch the night sky.

At 5 o’clock, they started their journey back home. And at 6 o’ clock, they reached home. Everyone enjoyed their MIDNIGHT ADVENTURE. It’ll be a memory forever.

~ Aumii

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