Me… The Moon Speaking

Hmm… 3 o’clock
What should I say?
In the morning?
Or at night?
This I leave it to you
It’s your decision.

So what was I telling?
Oh, Yes! I remember
I feel sad sometime
You want to know why?
I feel sad because
Of the people out there.

The people out there
Got so damn busy
In their daily routine
That they… That they can’t spend
Some quality time with me
And my friends, the stars.

Speaking of them,
I must say that
There are few xceptions as well
I found many youngsters
Walking up till dawn
Just to stare at me.

They stare at me
I stare at them
Our eyes speak
And when the clouds cover me
I cry… I cry cause ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Well it’s a secret,


~Aumii 08.06.20
ยฉ Poems and Short Story

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