Sitting by the window
One stormy night
Glass of beer in one hand,
Your picture in another;
Preoccupied in your thoughts
When my phone rang
You called me.
After years of break up
Being in shock
How to say
I couldn’t move on
When you asked,
Enjoying life?
Just to hide
My shattered voice
I hung up your call
Had I known,
You called me to
Talk with me for hours
For one last time
I would have never hung up
For years I wanted to say
That I missed you
How foolish I were
To reject unknowingly
Things I wished for years
Today everyone is here
And only not you
Everyone is trying to calm me
Words are not enough
To describe what’s going on,
After everybody went
I was there
Sitting in the armchair
Where we used to…
I heard Satan
Whispering in my ears,
‘You are coming here
In your new home’
Little did I knew
That my invitation came too
And I don’t know
When I fell asleep
Next morning
Everyone gathered around me
Said prayers
And buried me
I was there
Seeing it all
Seeing myself in the coffin
Unable to speak for myself
While there were others
Telling a few condoling messages
And I wished for a peaceful life

© Poems and Short Story