Hello everyone,

I’m finally back in WordPress, after 19 months. I have been very irregular for these months. Since I had my final school year then my health issues and obviously this pandemic which really was a hard time for everyone. Taking care of myself physically and mentally. But I didn’t stop thinking, observing and penning them down. Whenever I got some free time, I posted my write-ups and scheduled the rest of them.

According to stats of my blog, march 2019 had the best views and visitors. And being irregular for so many months had already reduced them, so I’ll also try my best to increase the number of views and visitors. And make a comeback.

I also missed the write-ups of my favourite bloggers, few of them are Claudia, mysterious blogger and Patrick. If anyone of the above mentioned are reading, I have a short message for you all-

‘I really love your content, I missed reading them and I’ll try to catch up with as many possible by me. Thank you.’

I had written bunch of stuffs already which I haven’t posted so I’ll post them now…ย  I’ll also be regular from now onwards and I’ll post them between 12 am and 1 am IST.ย  I’ll post once in three days. I’ll post stories, research works, poems, quotes, untitled’s, my own series of sharing my thoughts on various topics.

Also I’ll post my point of views from daily news updates. Also my journals of that particular day(s).

Thanks for reading till the end. See you in my next blog. Until then peace โ˜ฎ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ


ยฉPoems and short story

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