*Doorbell rings*

Black: Yes, how may I help you?

Jyuio: Hii! I’m Jyuio, I called you yesterday for the interview.

Black: Oh, yeah! Come in please. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable. I’m in the middle of something very important. I would like to start your interview as soon as I finish my work. Is there a problem with that?

Jyuio: No, not at all.

Black: Okay.

*45 minutes later*

Black: So Jyuio, how are you?

Jyuio: I’m fine, sir.

Black: Call me Black.

Jyuio: So black, you are such a good influencer, especially on the teenagers and the youngsters and your growing popularity, can you share with us more about you?

Black: Oh yeah sure. I’m the manager of my father’s company. Other than that I’m also a writer and i love photography, music, imagining and eating AND sleeping.

Jyuio: Sleeping and imagining?!

Black: Well for writing you need to imagine and you can’t do so if you don’t get proper sleep, dreams helps a lot too in some cases. You can’t write with too much going on in your head.

Jyuio: Cool! So recently you wrote three volumes and within a fortnight, millions of copies sold out.

Black: Well, I wasn’t that sure, that people will like my writing to this extent.

Jyuio: Okay!

Black: Yeah, the reason being it was not some fantasy but the reality.

Jyuio: What made you think that you should write?
Especially such, sensitive thing.

Black: I have a diary where I keep records and I named it ‘The Superlatives’. I keep records on the most, best, largest, etc. So when I was searching chrome, I found out that ‘THE’ is the most used word and most common. And struggle were no where to be found. There are billions of people at present. Many people became famous, so everyone had their own struggle. Even people not so famous has their struggle too. So that’s when that idea strike. Why not share the struggle of some ordinary people’s lives? Of course all are imaginary, but every story is unique just like the life of people.

Jyuio: So we have read the book and I personally recommend everyone to read it. How much time did you take to write them?

Black: Seven years.

Jyuio: Seven years?! You spent seven years? No wonder, it didn’t go in vain.

Black: Umm.. my imagination didn’t go in vain plus I had to read lives of many people and interview many of them.

Jyuio: So what about your life? If you want to share with us.

Black: I don’t know where to start from, uh you tell me what you want to know?

Jyuio: Your birth?

Black: Well I took birth in an upper class family, a rich one and famous. My forefathers were great entrepreneurs. From my birth, I was spoon-fed by maids and I had three maids for me. I had my mom but she wanted a daughter who’ll take care of her but I ain’t no daughter. My dad was an entrepreneur as I told before so I was taken care by my maids.

Jyuio: So do you love your mom? After she did it all.

Black: That is a good question, she lives with my sister.

Jyuio: Tell us more about the maids.

Black: Well they were like my parents and I love them and now they’re old so I take care of them.

Jyuio: So didn’t you like struggle and suffer because of the absence of your mom and dad?

Black: I kinda suffered a few years because my parents didn’t attend school when they were called but my maids did. So I taught them English so that they didn’t feel small in front of other parents.ย  They’re much like foster mom’s .

* Black smiles*

Jyuio: So you took a great initiative.

Black: I was too young that time so I did exactly what my instincts told me to.

Jyuio: Then when you were in college, something memorable from that time?

Black: Umm…ย  Nothing. I was an ordinary student. Going to college, studying there and coming back home. And a scholar too.

Jyuio: Ok! So you never went into relationship?

Black: Yeah I did. I had my first love when I was 18. But she rejected me.

Jyuio: Oh my god! I’m so sorry for you. It must have been hard then. Want to tell more?

Black: Yeah sure, why not? Now when I think of her, I feel like it’s okay. It was written so it happened. She was 17 years older than me, everything was so different between us. She was from a different country. I didn’t see her but talking with her made me feel like she’s the one for me. I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart raced. I wanted to be hers. She was single too. I wanted to be there for her, supporting her, helping her and everything possible for me. But when I proposed her, she rejected me saying we don’t know each other.

Jyuio: What?

*Jyuio is a bit shocked*

Black: Yeah, we talked so much and she simply lied. She doesn’t know me. I was shocked. And then I decided that I’ll never fall in love again. Never. I’ll forget her and I’ll focus on myself.

Jyuio: So you went to so many countries for meeting, according to the sources, did you never go to the country where she stays?

Black: Yeah, I did. I never saw her but she saw me, that too 10 years back so probably even if we met no one can recognise each other. Now that meeting, that was a coincidence.

Jyuio: What to say? I’m intrigued.

Black: I sent the reports to my dad. Our branch over there wasn’t doing well so I had to stay there according to my dad. She was the manager. At that point of time, even I didn’t know that it’s her. It was Saturday evening. I was new to the place, so I asked her whether she knows about some tourist spots so that I can visit the next day. She said that she can be my guide but I said no. The only reason being that I needed some me time.

Jyuio: When did you come to know that it’s her?

Black: Next week Tuesday, she came to me saying that her dog isn’t doing well so she needs a day off so that she can take her dog to a vet. That was the first clue when she told me her dog’s name.

Jyuio: But it could have been someone else too, couldn’t it be?

Black: Yeah, that’s when I decided that I’ll try to get closer to her to know if she’s really the one.

Jyuio: So what did you do?

Black: Well that’s a long story. I’ll try to brief it as much as I can. I said that I’ll go with her for her dog and her leave is accepted. I went to my friend. She’s the best vet I know. She helped her dog and her dog once again became strong after two weeks of treatment. Then we had an important project coming up. We had to complete it. I invited her to my house. She came. We worked for five hours. Then we took a break and went for a night walk. We started some general discussion. Next Sunday, we went to a couple spot. Days passed, we became friends. We talked about personal issue. I didn’t tell a thing that may have happened between us years back cause I wasn’t sure till then.

Jyuio: What made you two recognise each other? If you did.

Black: I told her that I’m single. After some months, we became close friends so she trusted me. It was then, that she told about our story without knowing that that guy is me. She told me that she had some feelings for me too. She had feelings for me before I had for her.ย  That guy proposed her. The actual reason for breakup was age and distance.

Jyuio: What did you tell? What did you do?

Black: I didn’t tell anything then. Just waiting for the right time. One night, I remember, we decided to have a movie night. We were watching a movie but we couldn’t concentrate. So we decided to chat. It was then that I asked her that I’m younger than you, then why are you friends with me. She replied that I already lost someone I loved because of age. I don’t want to lose you or your friendship. Without further thinking I hold her, I pulled her towards me and I kissed her, I kissed her like there’s no tomorrow. I wish I knew then. She didn’t try to stop me so actually she was enjoying it too. We kissed for two hours. I didn’t want to lose her too but I had to tell her the truth sooner or later. After we kissed, I told her the truth that she never lost the one she loved. First she was confused and then I told her that that guy is me. She reacted a bit strangely. I can’t describe that and then again we kissed. We kissed for the rest of the night.

Jyuio: Good ending then? I’m so happy.

Black: Fate had something else written for her and me. We kissed that night. Next morning I woke up and I found her dead. Her heart beat was zero. I don’t know for how long I cried. People says boys can’t cry. We have emotions too. I couldn’t understand what to do. I took her to the hospital and I used my surname for the first time to get advantages. I wanted to know the reason of her death. The doctors did the post mortem.

Jyuio: What were the results?

Black: It was a heart attack.

Jyuio: How long has it been that she died?

Black: It’s been twelve years and…..

*Black cries and wipes his tears with the sleeves of his right hand*

Jyuio: And what?

Black: It was my birthday that day. Since that day I have stopped celebrating my birthday.

Jyuio: So what do you do on your birthday?

Black: I spent that day in several oldage home and orphanages in different parts of the country. I have been doing this for the last 17 years. That year I thought of taking her to the oldage home instead she took me to a funeral.

Jyuio: So black, did you ever decide to pen down your life?

Black: Yeah, I did decide and I am working on it for two years. I write journals. It helps me to heal a lot.

Jyuio: Any good memories? You want to share?

Black: Yeah, my trips to beaches where I can relax myself and dance crazy until I get exhausted.

Jyuio: That’s all? Never thought or felt of going into another relationship?

Black: Nah!!

*Black sighs, a sad one*

Jyuio: Any message to those watching this interview?

Black: Yeah, one quote rather.
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ‘Let your struggle be your motivation toย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  your success’



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