The words ‘SHE&HER’ represents a women. Still now in many countries women are not given equal rights as men are given and I think they should be given those rights like, right to vote, right to choose their leader, right to choose their life partner and right to drive.

It’s not easy to be a woman at all. At every point of time, there is struggle and pain related, they have to face the stereotypicals and their backbite. I believe that if every men starts to respect womens and support them then society can and will be a better place for womens. Also women respecting other women. Everytime it’s not the fault of a woman and no one is 100% innocent after all.

The first woman in our life is our mother. We all know how much effort she did just to bring us up, salute to all such mothers out there. It’s not at all easy to be a mother. Salut to the sisters who remains unmarried just so she could afford the expenses of her brother’s education. Also salute to other women like wife, daughter, etc.

Also โ€œSheโ€ is the future of the world. I have a request to all men please donโ€™t hesitate if your wife gives birth to a girl child. Be proud because everyone don’t have the luck of getting a girl child.


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