What is success to me?

If I am an entrepreneur and I have an Instagram page where I teach how to earn money and out of all my students, one of them earns money then that is success to me.

If I am a poet and have written several poems and is currently out of ideas and I put up story asking people to suggest ideas and one of the viewers does so then that is success to me cause there’s at least someone who really likes my work.

If I am a teacher and I teach students who are naughty and not at all good in studies and one of them really scores good in the exam then that is success to me.

If I’m an influencer I give advice and motivation to people and one of them is really influenced and the has set to do the right thing then that is success for me.

This are only a few professions that came in my mind. So no matter what profession you’re in, success is always measured from a small quantity or step. It is necessary to take the correct first steps. It is those small steps that will count to big ones and one day you’ll surely succeed.



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