My Life’s Philosophy

I was brought up by my parents themselves. As a child, they never let me struggle for anything or to think about food. As I grew up and became matured, I learnt about their struggle and value of money, food and their love. Thus I’ll never leave them for anyone and will always take care of my parents.

Second, I have learnt the value of my own self. It is more important to love ourselves than to love someone else. I need to live for myself and make myself mentally strong so that I don’t need to say to anyone that I can’t live without you. I learnt small things like enjoying my own company while doing things I love.

Third, my life is short and I don’t know when I’ll die, so I’m going to enjoy it instead of wasting. Smoking, drinking and drugs are injurious to health. So according to me, drinking alcohol just to look cool in social media handles isn’t acceptable. Because the universal truth is except my parents and best friends, no one cares about me. I’ll always spend time to build my CV instead of searching ‘the ONE’.

Fourth, people will always be there to block my way ahead of me, backbite behind me and backstab me, so I have learnt to say ‘IDGAF’ and move on.

Fifth, my mother brought me up to be a responsible, self-dependent and punctual adult. There are a few principles which I follow too-
1. Tit for tat;
2. Choosing the right path over the easier one;
3. Quality over quantity;

Okay, so to those who read till this much, what lessons did you learn?

What principle do you follow?


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