When we are free and alone, something all of us do is overthink and we cannot control it because of some incidents that happened with us.

I found someone who was such a nice person with such a beautiful soul and I lost him because of my immaturity. And since then I could not help but overthink ‘AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO LOST’?

And this particular thought made me stalk him which I knew was wrong. I stalked him for a month. I did take time to understand and relate things. I realized that it was actually ONLY me who lost as for him, he already had someone in his life. How I wish, I did not sent THAT text! How I wish, I did not stop talking! How I wish, I should not have been in such a hurry from taking our friendship to a relationship and in doing so I lost a friend or at least I thought so? LOL! It hurt but I knew it was time to forget him and move on in life.

If every person who was once a part of our life taught us something and we learnt then one thing I learnt from this and I can say is that I learned to take things slow in case of relationship and love only those who loves me.

ยฉPoems and short story

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