Untitled #5

It’s OKAY to DISAPPEAR until you ARE YOU again…
-Hadas Schwartz
Ig: Onegirlfromvenus

This quote was amongst one of the so called “really needed quote”. Huh.. (deep breath exhale)

I told that I’ll be posting regularly once in three days, well I’m really trying to do but I realized that I need a break and need to disappear until I am I

I already have so many topics that I want to write on and post in my blog which includes articles and story.

The ones I’m already ready with, I’m waiting for emails to confirm my permission to post.

And tbh a lot of things are going on in my personal life, so I’ll be a bit irregular with my posts until everything is back to normal but whenever I get free time I’ll try my best to post.

Till then take care and peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ…


ยฉ Poems and short story

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