Writing became my love when I…

Writing became my love when I was thirteen, when I realised that I had no one to talk to about my feelings, thoughts, opinions and views. I started writing daily journalism in the form of short stories concluded with my views. And then a few months later, I wrote my first poem. It all started then. I wrote poems once a week and sometimes twice. I wrote poems and short stories on common topics.I wrote and I scratched and tore pages.

It continued for months and then it turned into a habit and then it became my passion. I was searching for a platform where I can publish my write-ups, reach to audience, connect with other writers all around the world when my friend suggested WORDPRESS.

A month after my sixteenth birthday, I created a blog. I started publishing my work along with debatable articles and interesting facts. Due to my busy schedule, I have become very irregular with publishing.

And now it’s just a way to escape reality, stay in the fictional world, find happiness through the characters and finding a new me and peace.


ยฉ Poems and short story

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