Hello and welcome to the third topic of the series. In this topic, we’ll comment only on Hindu rituals and marriage of homosexuals.

Let’s get started…

I am Hindu, so I’ll comment only on the Hindu rituals. When I had attended my sister’s marriage ceremony, I watched and observed all the steps. When I came back home, I realized one very important point, that is, in my religion, the rituals have been fashioned in such a way that only heterosexual partners can marry. You see, first, the groom comes to the wedding hall, he marries his bride and then goes to her house to spend the night. The following day, he returns to his own home, with his bride and then have the wedding reception. Obviously there are several other “rituals”, which, honestly speaking, is so tiring and frustrating. Only a few of them have properly valid backgrounds, while others are tendered useless. So just imagine what happens when a homosexual couple wants to get married. How will they?

Anyone who knows anything regarding this, feel free to comment and we can discuss.

Till then, stay safe and peace.


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