Hello and welcome to the third topic of the series. In this topic, we'll comment only on Hindu rituals and marriage of homosexuals. Let's get started... I am Hindu, so I'll comment only on the Hindu rituals. When I had attended my sister's marriage ceremony, I watched and observed all the steps. When I came … Continue reading SHARING MY THOUGHTS #3 (HINDU RITUALS)


I want to travel all around the world not for the sake of travelling but to learn - to learn the history of the place, culture and traditions, to feel the breeze, to lie on the gentle slopes, look at the sky and RELAX. I firmly believe that everything I see around and everyone I … Continue reading TRAVELLING

Writing became my love when I…

Writing became my love when I was thirteen, when I realised that I had no one to talk to about my feelings, thoughts, opinions and views. I started writing daily journalism in the form of short stories concluded with my views. And then a few months later, I wrote my first poem. It all started … Continue reading Writing became my love when I…


FORGIVE AND FORGET; LET KARMA DO THE REST... There are several things in life which is easier said than done but if you follow this advice then it will have good effects on your mental health. ~Aumii Β© Poems and short story

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Just for the demand of the leaders, these few men sacrifice their life and protect others, how much do we know about them but thanks to the programme in a few channels who are revealing the truth of war and their heroic deeds. Also keeping in mind the current situation between India and China, a small tribute from my side