Hello and welcome to the third topic of the series. In this topic, we'll comment only on Hindu rituals and marriage of homosexuals. Let's get started... I am Hindu, so I'll comment only on the Hindu rituals. When I had attended my sister's marriage ceremony, I watched and observed all the steps. When I came … Continue reading SHARING MY THOUGHTS #3 (HINDU RITUALS)

Research work #4

Ahhh.... After so many days I am publishing the sequence of Research work.I was watching a video and I got an interesting fact and information which I thought I should share with you all... 6 Things That Can Be Seen From Space 1. Heart-shaped Lake, USA 2. Largest potrait, Turkey 3. Largest fingerprint, Great Britain … Continue reading Research work #4

Research work#3

Everyone knows about 'The Great wall of China'. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. But here's the second 'The Great wall' and it is located in Rajasthan, India. The name of second Great wall is Wall of Kumbhalkar. ~Aumii © Poems and Short Story