Ashapurna Debi

In west Bengal we all know about this famous author. We all have read her writings. She is also among one of our favourites.

But how many of you are there who actually knows about her life.

The time when she took birth ladies were given neither education nor respect. So you might be imagining, how she received education, right?

Luckily her father was quite different from others. He educated all her daughters and wife. When she was married her mother-in-law was very strict in all these matters.

As goes by the saying, “one door closes, another opens”.

Her husband was like her father. On the way to home he bought books for her and carried it inside his office bag. His mother soon doubted that he is helping her daughter-in-law.

She ordered her son that as soon as he returns from office, he will keep his bag in her room and then go to his own room.

He took out an innovative idea, he did not stop buying book. He carried it inside his shirt. He did everything so that her wife doesn’t suffer.


ยฉPoems and Short Story

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